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Ancient Modernity

One of the obvious benefits of safari life is escaping the stress of a constantly-on, techno-centric lifestyle. Even so, we know it's important to connect with people at home and power your devices, so each camp provides outlets.
Even though our campsites are in the wild, your experience will be unlike traditional camping.
The Chaka Camps team is very sensitive to the needs of guests. Please let us know at any time if we can do anything to make your stay perfect.

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Getting Packed

The Northern Tanzanian climate is pleasant, but can vary from warm to cool, dry to wet. We advise that you pack for all moderate conditions. Your luggage will travel with you, and by-hand laundry service is always available.
We provide all the essentials: bottled drinking water, toiletry supplies, and constant snacks and meals. Many guests do bring their own essentials, such as trail mix and snack bars, and personal care products and OTC medications.
We empower our staff to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Our safari partner, Duma Explorer, is one of the only Travelife-certifed operators in Tanzania.

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People Power

We really enjoy the Chaka Camps' team, and we believe in investing in their success and in creating a joyful work environment. Our safari option, Duma Explorer, is one of the only Travelife-certified tour operators in Tanzania.