Chaka Camps Exit Please

Chaka Camps Exit Please
Kiota Blot

Inspired by the Craft of Birds

The trees of the central Serengeti hide some of the wild's most intricate creations - an infinitely diverse array of woven nests (kiota, in swahili). Like the bird, we have woven Kiota into the Seronera Valley's hills as a relief from a long day's adventure.


A Scene for Something Special

Atop Banagi Hill we've constructed an aerie with a panoramic view of the Serengeti's most memorable wildlife landscapes. It is a place for making memories, and we're here to help make them perfect.


Stay in.
Miss nothing.

Writing Desk
Serengeti Blot

Serengeti National Park

Central Serengeti's Seronera River Valley hosts a range of habitats that attract a large concentration of wildlife, including many of Africa's most famous predators.

Leopard Tree