COVID-19 Policy

Chaka Camps Standard Operating Procedures in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

These procedures are adopted from the National Standard Operating Procedures for the Management of COVID-19 in the Tourism Sector as defined by Tanzania's Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism.

  1. All surfaces and high-touch areas will be cleaned and sanitized with approved disinfectants on a regular basis.
  2. Staff will use protective gear and maintain social distance while attending to guests and servicing guest areas.
  3. A single staff member will be responsible for servicing each room during a guest's visit.
  4. Dining tables and lounge seating will be placed at appropriate distances to comply with social distancing regulations.
  5. Plated meals as opposed to buffet service will be served during all meals.
  6. Hand sanitizer and washing stations will be readily available throughout the camps.
  7. All arrivals and every staff member will have their temperature taken with a non-touch infrared gun.
  8. Vehicles will be sanitized between each transfer and game drive.
  9. Guides will be accommodated in single rooms whenever possible.
  10. An appointed Chaka Camps Liaison Officer will act as the point of contact with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. Responsibilities include monitoring health protocols and preventive measures and staying up to date on all designated approved hospitals and clinics for COVID-19 testing and treatment. The Liaison Officer will also ensure that COVID- 19 precautionary measures are observed at our properties.

June 2020